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Amy Regan Interview page twoConcerning the New York City music scene, the twenty-four year old, who originally hailed from nearby Chester, New Jersey says, “There are a lot of great venues that showcase some of the best local talent and they also have touring acts. I think there is definitely a great acoustic folk scene, as well as a rock scene in New York. I am meeting a lot of great musicians and playing a lot of venues that I love and where I have been treated well.”

 The first few bars of “Everyone Needs Somewhere To Go,” are reminiscent of the opening for Jewel’s “You Were Meant For Me,” (from Pieces of You, 1995), only Regan’s chords are in a higher octave.

 As far as “Everyone Needs Somewhere To Go,” is concerned, Regan says, “I think that the chorus warranted a big funk thing going on, because it is kind of a sing along chorus. I wanted to have fun and not rock out too hard, but it does have a lot of energy behind it. The verses might make it sound like a fun song, but there are deeper issues, so I think that it makes sense to have the verses, kind of stripped down, so you can really focus on the lyrics.” 

 For all the fans of “Everyone Needs Somewhere To Go,” Amy Regan promises that this song will appear on her debut album, although that is the only tune that she is committing to at this time.

 “I am still deciding that (songs to appear on the album). I would consider recording some of them (the older songs) again, but I have to see how much of my new material that I want to record and what makes sense for the album, so we shall see,” she says.

 “I have been focusing my sound a little more, like earlier on (in my career) one of my tracks had a jazz influence on it, but now that I have been writing more, I have decided that I want to go in the direction of being an acoustic pop songwriter, but not without having different influences. I just want to focus my songs more on acoustic pop and more in the direction of “Everybody Needs Somewhere To Go,” or my newer single “Gonna Get Better.”  I think some of my older songs had a sweeter tone to them, which I am still going to have, but I think that some of my newer stuff has a little bit of an edge to it and maybe it has more of a rock influence to it too. It is not going to be rock music. It is still going to be acoustic based stuff that might have a little more of a bite to it,” says Regan.

 One of Amy Regan’s newer songs, which dispels the “sweet song” concept is “She’s Insane,” a tune about a woman who bares her claws, while slamming her former lover’s new girlfriend. Regan laughs, “Yeah that is one of my newer songs. I think that there is a certain edge to it.  That is the only song that I wrote from start to finish without having a really specific life experience that (inspired) me to write the song. When I was writing it I was just writing a story, but then when I went back I could tell that while all of the details weren’t exactly what happened in my real life, I could tell where it came from and that still affected (my songwriting). I was reading into it what I was feeling, without me even realizing it.”

 Like a lot of singer / songwriters, Regan says, “I sometimes turn to songwriting, because I can work things out and it is a release, but I also have so much fun with writing songs. A lot of my songs are just what pops into my head and I want to finish them. There are other songs which are emotional. Sometimes it feels like the song knows better what it is doing than you do. Other times, I feel that I have something to say and I don’t really know what it is that I am going to say, but there is a song in there.”

Amy Regan indicated that she has discovered a lot of songs “in there,” since she released her EP in 2007, and as she heads into the studio at the end of this month we can hardly wait to hear what they are and to get our greedy little hands on her debut album, so we can tell our readers about more of her great music.

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