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Carolyn Bridget Kennedy Photo OneCarolyn Bridget Kennedy’s short film Super Speed Dates which made its Toronto premiere September 8 th (2017) at the Toronto Independent Film Festival at the Carlton Cinemas presents speed dating in a quirky and fun fashion. Kennedy wrote the script for, produced and starred in this comedic expose that takes a look at dating or even finding a date in today’s hectic world when time is at a premium, work takes up the majority of our waking hours and many are faced with the simple challenge of where to find potential people to date?

Whether we are talking about speed dating or some form of online dating or similar there are always adventures, misadventures and in some cases love is found. As for Carolyn Bridget Kennedy’s cast of rather, hmm, shall we say rather interesting characters, film fans will have to be the judge as to whether or not this is art imitating life.

Kennedy says, “I started with the concept of whether superheroes, attending as their alter-egos, could be good dating material.  I then brought in the concept of speed dating as the format for the dates.  I wrote the script so that the viewer is left to interpret whether the male characters are actually the alter egos of the superheroes or just men who are simply weird (Editor’s note: We are siding with the latter option!).  The comic book fans may latch onto the characterizations and Easter eggs and hopefully enjoy it from that perspective.  Others may be entertained by the quirky, but honest, responses from these characters. In either case, the answers the men give to the questions at the event reveal that the men are not really “super guys” as far as potential dates.  The female characters represent the observer trying to figure out what the men’s responses mean.”

Carolyn Bridget Kennedy says she drew upon some of her own experiences, as material for her script, “Having attended some speed dating events, I know that frequently there are standard questions one asks of one’s “date” in that timed format.  I thought that asking standard questions of each superhero would be fertile ground for generating funny responses by having the superheroes honestly answer questions about themselves.” 

If we had something to say to the female characters in this film it would be, ladies since these super heroes are honestly answering your questions, maybe next time spend your time and money on sushi and have a ladies night out, unless you like the absurd and challenges.

Whatever your take on this cinematic adventure which clocks in at ten minutes and fifteen seconds in length, the film festivals appear to have fallen in love with Super Speed Dates. The film was a finalist at the Austin Revolution Film Festival in Texas, a semi-finalist at the Winchester Short Film Festival in the U.K., was an official selection at the Fort Worth Indie Film Showcase where it was nominated for the Best International Short Comedy Film, and was also selected for film festivals in Nevada, two in Alberta, Canada and another in Florida, as well as the aforementioned Toronto festival.

Carolyn Bridget Kennedy is taking her film festival success in stride, saying, “I didn’t have any expectations submitting to any of the film festivals. This was my first time creating a short film and submitting anything to film festivals.  I didn’t know what to expect.  As it turns out, I am very gratified by the responses I have received, with selections not only in Canada, but also in the United States and the U.K.”

The short film was shot in one day with eleven actors and it was directed by Neil Schell.

For a film that is only a little over ten minutes in length this may sound odd to say, but one of the things that Kennedy’s film does quite well is it is quick paced, never allowing the viewer to get caught up in why did he give that answer or why did she ask that question? You see the questions asked and the answers are not really the point to this film. The film is really about leveraging the current popularity of the super hero genre, inserting it into a speed dating scenario and providing some comedic relief for the singles out there who really would just as soon there were more palatable ways to find a potential mate.

So, Carolyn Bridget Kennedy you have the last word here, does art imitate life in Super Speed Dates?

“I personally attended speed dating events when I was single.  The only similarity with the film is that there were always some responses I got from the men I found which varied from “unexpected” to “bizarre” to “I wish this 3 minutes was over”.  Real life is always an inspiration for comedy,” she says.

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