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Interview with Fashion Designer Rosemarie Umetsu

Interview by Joe Montague

rosemarie umetsu thumbnailToronto fashion designer Rosemarie Umetsu whose new studio is located at 198 A Davenport Road, has made a name for herself as someone who dresses the stars and her line known simply as Atelier Rosemarie Umetsu features breathtaking couture gowns and scrumptious ready to wear designs.  Although her client list is comprised predominately of a who’s who of the Canadian entertainment community, those outside of Canada will no doubt recognize performers such as; Alannah Myles (singer-songwriter), Sarah Slean (singer-songwriter), Sophie Millman (Jazz vocalist), Colin Ainsworth (Classical tenor), Joyce DiDonato (mezzo-soprano), Wendy Crewson (actress), Vivica A. Fox (actress), Veronica Tennant (dance performance filmmaker and director) and Karen Kain (artistic director National Ballet of Canada).  Ms. Umetsu’s black and white studio features a wall of gowns, classical music playing in the background and photographic artwork of some of Canada’s top established and emerging artists in the performing arts.

One immediately notices the European sensibility which affects Rosemarie Umetsu’s designs and she agrees, “I think that the European flavor comes from the fact that I am very detail oriented and I am really into the old fashioned couture way of doing things and whether it is the fit or the design of the pieces themselves. Here (North America) it is almost like a pasteurization of fashion. They want it very clean and very little on that end of it. People are very used to just going out and picking up (their clothes) and they are not paying attention to style details and what goes into making a garment. If you look at European fashion the old fashion detail has continued and it is part of the garment. It is a heritage and it is the culture that comes with the piece. I think that is probably where we fall into.

Just as she pays careful attention to detail with her designs, Rosemarie Umetsu, just as carefully tracks what her clients wear and to what events they wear her pieces. Read More


Designs by Atelier Rosemarie Umetsu Please vistit the website

Print Paintings by David Forlano and Steve Ford

To view more of the print paintings and the art jewelry
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Art Jeweler David Forlano

David Forlano thumbnailDavid Forlano is an art couture jeweler who collaborates with longtime friend and artisan Steve Ford and Maryanne Petrus to create designs that are displayed and available for purchase in upscale craft galleries throughout America and fashion design studios such as Allie-Coosh in Dallas, Texas. Several of the pieces, that are created by Santa Fe, New Mexico based Forlano and the Philadelphia based team of Ford and Petrus, and which are comprised of polymer clay and precious metals, can be viewed on the Ford / Forlano website. David Forlano is also a sound designer who has worked with choreographers on numerous theatrical productions and along with his wife, actress, Debrianna Mansini (Crazy Heart, The Burning Plain) and some friends, he co-produces the suspenseful web series Cyphers.

“I was talking to a filmmaker about Cyphers and I said, what seems to be important about Cyphers is it is not a film, it is an unknown, film like, web like thing. It is on the web and it is a webisode. It very much reminds me of when I forged the way with my jewelry business as a complete unknown. I stepped into this world that was kind of known, but I got to step into it and say I’m going to redefine the rules about what jewelry is. That is my position with making jewelry, so with Cyphers we can redefine what filmmaking and what storytelling is with this project. To take it even further as to what Cyphers is, there is this concept called trans media, which is storyboarding or storytelling across all media, whether you are making a novel, a film or a song. All of these pieces constantly tell the story. The web is a place where there are a lot of different types of media and where people tell stories. The video of Cyphers can act as one aspect of the story and then we can branch out from that and we can continue to tell the story and we can flesh out the details with other sources and in other ways,” says Forlano.  Read More